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Half guys could have intercourse by having a 21-year-old

Half guys could have intercourse by having a 21-year-old

Uk guys of most many years are content to fall asleep with young lovers – although not always date them – while females choose age-appropriate lovers

Whenever Keanu Reeves (55) had been dating artistic artist Alexandra give (46) numerous praised the uncommon exemplory case of a Hollywood celebrity being within an age-appropriate relationship.

No one typifies the label for the Hollywood ‘manther’ – a person whom dates more youthful women – more than Leonardo DiCaprio (45). The star never dated a female over the age of 25, despite having had eight girlfriends since he himself had been that age.

There’s absolutely no hard and quick guideline on in which the boundaries stand so YouGov RealTime chose to investigate, asking above 18,000 Britons exactly what chronilogical age of partner they might be prepared to rest with, or come right into a relationship with.

People within their 30s are many commonly desired

In news that may surprise no-one, the total outcomes reveal that guys are far less restrained with regards to age.