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I want to inform about Stop Saying “You Are Beautiful”

I want to inform about Stop Saying “You Are Beautiful”

Those “You are stunning” messages can backfire.

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Published Oct 30, 2017

i really believe the message is well meant.

I realize that it is a response to a tradition which makes individuals (especially ladies) feel therefore ugly, frequently. But being a psychologist and human anatomy image researcher, I also believe the“you that are ubiquitous beautiful” message is misguided at best and harmful at the worst.

First, there’s absolutely no proof that ladies struggling to appreciate their appearance really genuinely believe that message. Terms are effective, but they’re not magic. Do we really genuinely believe that the onslaught of airbrushed-to-perfection news images and also the sting of body-shaming trolls can be battled with somehow a simple, “You are beautiful”? Offered a very long time of reminders that women’s bodies are rarely appropriate how they are, what type of effect could realistically those words have?