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Brand-new Webpages Seshroulette Was Chatroulette for Pot-Smokers

Brand-new Webpages Seshroulette Was Chatroulette for Pot-Smokers

Mom be wary! An innovative new video-chat program expense by itself as a good spot for customers of medical cannabis to meet up on the internet and tobacco smoke (legitimately). Brian Ries offers they a try (officially) and discovers what’s truly happening.

Brian Ries

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“Where da weed attt,” my personal mate questioned, gazing outside at me personally on sex cam from an anonymous bed someplace in the earth.

She searched small, 18, possibly, and am consuming from a will of Yoo-hoo. Weedless, we won a sip of drink, wishing she would think Having been “cool,” and set out entering.

Amanda, it’d turn out, am from Austin, Texas. This became the secondly nights videochatting on—a brand-new internet site for marijuana consumers to smoke tobacco along on camera, randomly.

If your regulators do plan to arrive knocking, this site does not make it very easier for those to go through smoking.

Amanda’s elderly sibling experienced presented the to Seshroulette evening before and received spent times obtaining big with complete strangers.