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Polyamory 101: Navigating Polyamory In Queer Heritage

Polyamory 101: Navigating Polyamory In Queer Heritage

Something a polycule?

Navigating polyamory feels at the same time interesting and overwhelming. If you’re fresh to exploring non-monogamy as a matchmaking preferences — you could have receive yourself in vessel of omg there are plenty of various ways to do that, how do you learn what’s suitable for myself?! whoever is non-monogamous by any means has had that accurate moment.

Because polyamory immediately roots from Greek phrase ???? (poly) converting to “many, a number of,” additionally the Latin word amor which translates to “love” — there are plenty techniques to explore this huge relationships world and it may become slightly daunting at first. You could find that multiple relationships kinds meet your needs or you truly vibe with one out of specific which’s their border.

Calculating this stuff aside sometimes take some time — and when you’re trying to find it while matchmaking folks, it can be dirty but great. You’ll learn that you have so much to state regarding your limits (significantly more than your ever believe possible when dating monogamously). You’ll discover you will really like some one however bring totally non-compatible partnership designs.

Embrace this new-found exploration and let’s dive in to determine what type of poly relationships might feel good for your family.


This really is an easy classification that could seriously become sub-defined but the majority of visitors diagnose that way, so it’s vital that you put. While this identity often will get misunderstood as a representation of all the under definitions, this means a person who enjoys and also romantic connections with several people.