Making Disciples – Planting Churches – Strengthening Families.

At Kingdom International Network of Churches, we are here to help you grow! For us, this is not just a numeric growth, but it is a growth that we hope solidifies the definition of prosperity in your life which is “nothing broken and nothing missing.” In order to do this, Kingdom International Network of Churches not only provides opportunities for worship and preaching, but we aim to go deeper by providing practical training and one on one mentoring. It is the training and mentoring, at the heart of our vision, that we believe have the most profound impact on your personal growth and development in the Lord.

As a part of Kingdom International Network of Churches, you can expect a framework that provides accountability and structured leadership. This allows us to not only provide members of Kingdom International Network of Churches with valid credentials for their ministry work, but also the needed ministry “stretching” that keeps us all fresh in our calling, relevant to this age, and clear in our integrity.

Our hope is that you prayerfully consider becoming a part of the Kingdom International Network of Churches, not for what the connection will give you “alone”, but what your connection will enable us all to do for the Kingdom. Should you have further questions, we would love to set a time to speak to you personally. Please feel free to reach out to us, so that we can schedule a time with you.


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