The Doctrine of Faith

The word faith is found only twice in the Old Testament, but 245 times in the New Testament. Faith has not the slightest relationship with feelings and sense-evidences, faith is not feeling that prayer is answered, true faith is not trusting in the goodness and in the faith of another man.

The Word believe with its various endings occurs 45 times in the Old Testament and 268 times in the New Testament. The word trust is the other Old Testament word for Faith and believe. It is used with its various endings 154 times in the Old Testament and 32 times in the New Testament. Real faith is the kind that refuses to be defeated. It refuses to take no for an answer. It laughs at circumstances, symptoms, all outward appearances, and what is seen, heard, or felt, and it doggedly holds to the fact that what has been asked of God is granted.


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